Secure email hosting for your business
Host your business emails on a secure, encrypted, privacy-guaranteed, and ad-free email service.
Everything you need for your mail
Get custom domain-based email addresses for all your employees.
More than just an inbox
Keep track of your day-to-day work with a powerful calendar, tasks and bookmarks. Use these robust features to collaborate with your team and get things done quickly.
Having all your attachments organized by type, in one spot, means no more hunting for files. Preview, share, upload to the cloud, or send it again. Do more with your attachments
Share drafts to get your email reviewed before you send it. Simply share your emails to converse without confusing forwards and replies. Share entire folders to discuss or delegate many emails at once.
Set up filters or rules to automatically organize your emails and rest easy knowing that incoming emails will be right where you want them to be.
Advanced Search
Find anything in your mailbox, from even the tiniest detail you may remember about them, with Ze Mail's new Advanced Search
Out of Office
Set an Out of Office response to let contacts know you're unavailable while you're on that holiday cruise.
Add an email signature with your company's logo and links to your website, so your emails look professional. Leave a lasting impression with every email you send.