Branded Links and Customization
Branded Links
Links are created with a custom domain. Instead of, yourbra.nd/12345
Branded Link Redirects
Change the destination page for branded links
unlimited Link Redirects
Change the destination page for links
Auto-Branded Links
Links created by others on website are branded with your custom domain
Custom Back-half
Insert your own words at the end of a link. Eg: change to
Custom SSL Cert
Use your own SSL certificate to create secure HTTPS links

Link Management
Link Creation
Any link shortened by you through your Bitly account
Link Clicks
Number of clicks allowed on the links you create
Link Tags
Create tags to group and categorize your links
Bulk Link Tagging
Add Tags to links in bulk
Link Filtering
Focus on the links you want to see based on date, tags, and type
Mobile Deep Links
Point links to your mobile app and track their performance
CSV Bulk
Shortening Create multiple links with a single upload
CSV Bulk Export
Download a file with your short links
QR Codes
Download a QR Code for any link with or without a Bitly logo in center
Color QR Codes
Change the color of your QR Code
QR Codes Download Format
Download the QR Code in PNG or SVG format
UTM Builder
Add UTM parameters to your links through Bitly

Data and Analytics
Link History
View the performance of your links over time
Link Reporting
View detailed performance metrics for each link over 30 or 90 days
Dashboard Reporting
View a dashboard with aggregated metrics for all your links
Data Export
Export data out of Bitly